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Tree Maintenance and Tree Removal Services in the Macedon Ranges Shire

Top to Stump Tree Care

At Central Tree Care we provide a range of expert tree services to Romsey, the Macedon Ranges Shire and all over Victoria.

With over 20 years experience we pride ourselves on our professionalism and high standard of work. Our qualified team of arborists is fully equipped and ready to help with all of your tree maintenance and tree removal needs.

If you would like to discuss any queries you may have or would like a free quote please call us on 0409 023 282 or send us an email directly.

Tree Maintenance / Tree Pruning

Trimming and pruning is necessary for trees to stay healthy strong and maintain an aesthetically pleasing shape. When a tree is pruned properly it will require less maintenance and is far less likely to become a hazard. There are a number of pruning options we offer to suit a variety of needs:

  • Crown reduction - reducing the height of the tree
  • Crown lifting - removing lower branches
  • Crown thinning - removing a percentage of branches to allow more sunlight through
  • Crown cleaning - removing dead or diseased branches to improve the health and look of the tree
  • Crown shaping - pruning the tree to match a specific look or landscape design

Tree Removal

Just like everything, trees can get sick and they can die. Our qualified arborist can advise you on the life expectancy of your trees, therefore how long you will be able to keep them. When a tree is dead, diseased, damaged, in a dangerous condition or position, it may need to be removed. When removal is the most appropriate option - don't risk your neck trying to do the job yourself. Our team have the expertise and tools to dismantle the largest of trees - safely and efficiently.

Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are sometimes left behind from earlier tree removal. They can look unattractive, start re-growing or even rot. Rotting stumps can be home to fungus and other decaying matter that can spread disease to other plants. Stumps can be a safety hazard causing trips and falls and should be removed if they are in walkway or frequently accessed area.


Hedges are an attractive feature to a garden and also give you privacy and protection from the wind. They do however need regular trimming in order to maintain their neat and dense appearance. We specialise in mainting large evergreen hedges and take the time and care to make sure the jobs done right.

Travel tower hire

We are one of the few operators in the Macedon Ranges Shire with a 17 metre travel tower available for hire which is perfect for property maintenance, construction, telecommunications and even fellow arborists. Our fully qualified operators can handle any tower hire job.

Tree assessments

There are a number of reasons why you may need a tree assessed. You could be concerned about a unsafe looking tree on your property; you local council may have requested that your tree be assessed because it poses a risk to public property or you may be asked to provide one for a range of council building permits.

Whichever the case may be, we conduct tree assessments which include:

  • Tree Management Plans
  • Hazard Tree Risk Assessments

With our extensive experience in assessing trees you can be assured we will provide you with the best advice to ensure your safety and preserve the natural appearance of your property.

Tree Pruning being done around the Macdeon Ranges Shire

Stump Grinding in Romsey, Macedon Ranges

Tree maintenance being done in Romsey

Travel tower used for tree maintenance at Romsey

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